All About Paleo Diet Plan Food List for Weight Loss

Dr. Loren CordainPaleo diet plan is amongst the most followed and famous diet plans of the recent times. According to Dr. Loren Cordain, the diet plan not just aims to shed weight, however, is highly effective in managing as well. visit here: How to Lose Weight Fast in 2017

Apart from its weight loss and weight management effects, paleo diet plan is also believed to aid in regulating cholesterol levels and reverse autoimmune disorders and type 2 diabetes.

Paleo diet plan is more about eating right than eating less. The diet encourages the followers to consume a diet rich in protein and fat, focusing more on vegetables and fruits. On the other hand, it discourages the intake of foods like legumes, dairy and grains.

The diet has been a subject of extensive research in the recent times and is now supported by thousands of testimonials. It has actually proven to work for many.

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There are certain principles that need to be followed by the ones willing to give this diet plan, a try. These plans are what keep you on the right track with strategies to make it more fruitful and workable. So, willing to know these basics?

Here they are:

  1. EAT LIKE YOUR ANCESTORS: The diet encourages the followers to eat like their ancestors used to eat. No doubt, our ancestors used to be healthier for their diet was simple. It did not include so much of processed, sugary and salty foods. Unfortunately, our diet chiefly encompasses such foods that are the main contributor of weight gain and many other health problems.

  2. TAKE UNPROCESSED FOODS: In simpler words, say no to junk foods! That’s right. Try to stick to foods that are prepared by you, in your kitchen. Foods that come in cans and boxes are said to be unhealthy for they include certain ingredients which are proven to harm our health. You must simply alternate the consumption of such foods with unprocessed foods!

  3. CONSUME MEAT: The diet stresses the importance of taking meat, particularly, red meat. Though, taking any other kind is also fine. Apart from this, the diet also encourages the consumption of organs including kidneys, heart etc, simply due to their rich nutritional value.

  4. CONSUME VEGETABLES AND FRUITS: Like any other diet, paleo diet too, promotes healthy eating, that is the consumption of vegetables and fruits. Individuals following the plan are free to consume as much as fruits and vegetables and are not bound to any standard limit. However, it is more preferable if you take organic vegetables and fruits.

  5. SAY YES TO HEALTHY FATS: You may come across a number of diet plans that are all about restricting the intake of fat, simply due to the calories. However, when it comes to paleo diet plan, the case is evidently different. The diet allows healthy fats which include all kinds of fatty meat, nut butters and natural oils. According to the master mind behind this diet plan, healthy fats are highly essential for our body and these does not, by any mean, aids in weight gain.

  6. UNDERSTAND YOUR BODY: Paleo diet plan simply encourages you to understand what your body says. By this, you are able to know more about your body and its needs. Understanding your body simple means that if it is not accepting any particular kind of food and is reacting against it, that is, showing symptoms against, then this means that you need to identify it and simply elude it from your diet. It also means that you should decide the amount of food your body needs.

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Paleo diet plan does not restrict you from eating more. Following the diet simply means that you are allowed to eat to the point you feel satisfied. It also allows the followers to avoid exercising if their body does not respond well to the changes in the beginning. The diet plan simply encourages ‘everything in moderation’, be it about eating, or about exercising.

This is at least what acceptable by our bodies. In addition to this, the plan guides the users to eat when they feel the urge to eat. Consuming thrice a day is not a compulsion; you should only eat when your body demands food!

  1. FOLLOW A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE: And last, but not the least, paleo diet supports a healthy lifestyle. This is what highly beneficial for weight loss, as well as our overall health. Healthy lifestyle means sleeping well, avoiding stress, exercising and using vitamin D supplement, in case of need.

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While paleo diet plan does not restrict the followers in eating more, there are certain foods which the diet plan encourages and discourages. For example:

meat for paleo diet

Food it allows:

  1. Meat: You are allowed to eat all kind of meat, unless the kind has been raised by human and has been fed on grass. You can take chicken, beef, fish, lamb, pork etc.
  2. Fats: It allows healthy fat sources, which should be low in polyunsaturated fatty acids and omega-6. Examples include coconut oil, olive oil, animal fat, avocados etc.
  3. Vegetables: You can take all kind of vegetables, however organic ones are more preferred. Examples of vegetables include peas, spinach, lettuce, onions, carrots, tomatoes etc. The diet also allows root vegetables.
  4. Fruits: you can simply enjoy all type of fruits. Example includes berries, oranges, kiwis, bananas, watermelon and apples.
  5. Nuts: you can tale almonds, pine nuts, walnuts and cashews.
  6. Eggs: You can take all type of eggs such as chicken eggs duck eggs etc.


Foods it prohibits:

Avoid These FoodsWhere most kind of foods are allowed to be taken, there are some categories; the diet restricts the users to take.

These foods are simply discouraged for the masterminds behind the plan believe these to cause inflammation, as well as other medical problems.

So, what are these foods, lets get to know below:

  1. Dairy: Participants can take butter or sometimes, yogurt after their body becomes familiarized with the diet.
  2. Legumes: peanuts should be strictly avoided during the phase, and so do peanut butter.
  3. Fruit juice, energy and soft drinks.
  4. Processed meat and foods.
  5. Refined sugar and salt.

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Paleo diet before afterThe diet plan is not new to many. It is one of the most followed and established plans for the past few years and have been subjected to great clinical studies since the time.

Amongst others, Dr. Loren Cordain is one of the researchers who have invested great deal of time investigating the efficacy and other health benefits of this diet plan. His support towards paleo diet plan can be judged by the fact that he has also published many articles and books on it.

According to him and other investigators, the diet plan has proven to benefit our health in a number of ways. For example, people who have followed the diet plan have reported to improve their glucose levels.

This simply indicates that the diet plan enables their body to control the levels of sugar present in their blood. However, when it comes to weight loss, studies have shown impressive results. A study conducted in the recent times took some overweight individuals as the sample. Participants were asked to follow paleo diet plan.

Interestingly, the average weight loss was reported to be 6.6lbs it the end of trial. Participants also observed a reduction in their BMI and waist circumference. Lastly, studies show that paleo diet plan is effective in regulating blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Despite all this, the effectiveness of paleo diet plan cannot be marked as ‘proven’ for these studies were either conducted on a small scale or had flaws. Yet, these do show a positive outlook to it.

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Individuals who have tried the diet plan have reported to experience certain health benefits from it. Many of these have also been discussed above, however, to help you know more about paleo diet plan, lets discuss the core benefits of it in detail, below:

  • Supports autoimmune: what if your body’s defense system turns against your body? As known, autoimmune diseases are the diseases that are caused when your body turns against itself. That is, it starts to harm itself for no apparent and known reason. Luckily, paleo diet helps to prevent autoimmune diseases. Some says that it also helps in reversing these medical conditions by easing intestinal inflammation.

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  • how to cut cholestrolBalances alkaline: investigators suggest that paleo is also good enough to maintain the balance of alkaline in the body. Basically, this should be considered as true for the diet emphasizes on taking foods known to prevent inflammation. Inflammation, as known, increases acidity.

  • Improves cholesterol levels: As noted above, people who have tried the diet have reported to experience an improvement in their cholesterol levels. Considering the food it promotes, saying this would not be wrong that paleo diet plan has the potential to reduce total cholesterol and LDL levels in the body.

  • Regulates glucose: Clinical trials conducted on Paleo diet have shown that the diet can regulate the concentration of glucose in the body.

  • Loses weight: And last, but not the least, clinical trials done to judge the effectiveness of paleo diet plan have ended up showing positive weight loss results. Several studies have been conducted on the subject of its effectiveness, most of which have showed impressive results in terms of weight cutting.

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While you will study the weight loss market closely, you will get to know that the market is filled with hundreds of fad diets. However, when you will thoroughly review most of these fad diets, you will understand that most of these aim to cut the consumption of calories.

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For the time being, these diets may help you shed those excess pounds, however, in the long run, these merely work to destroy your health.

nutrition weight lossDiets like these deprive your body from the vital nutrients it needs to function smoothly. Considering the truth about these diet plans, the question which arises here is that paleo diet plan safe? It is worth following?

No doubt, before you start with a diet plan, you need to consult the odds with your doctor, however, when it comes to paleo diet plan, its followers wouldn’t deny that the diet plan has the potential to boost your overall, general health. Despite this, paleo diet plan is associated with nutritional deficiencies which may not impact your health immediately, however, might affect it in the future ahead.

Basically, the diet focuses on eating healthy, yet it restricts the consumption of certain foods needed for the health of our body. Depriving your body from the restricted category might end up making your body deficient in essential minerals and vitamins.

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Paleo diet plan basically restricts you from most of the dietary foods. Remember, dietary foods tend to be the core source of calcium, highly needed by our body, or say, by our bone! Depriving your body from this, essential nutrient might increase your likelihood of developing osteoporosis. In addition to this, the diet also discourages the consumption of grains which tend to be the chief source of carbohydrates. We need carbohydrates for energy.

We also need it for the health of our brain, thus, carbohydrates, by no means should be restricted to a point which deteriorates our mental health.  Thus, even if you wish to follow the diet plan, do not forget to keep a check on your calcium and carbohydrate consumption. Though, there are other foods that may supply these essential nutrients to your body, however, foods like these must also, not be eluded from your diet completely.

paleo diet before after


Paleo diet is a better option for all those willing drop some extra kilos, along with perking their health. The diet may not be an ideal choice for vegetarians for it encourages the consumption of meat, the pure form of protein.

Despite being highly effective, paleo has some negative points that cannot be overlooked! Discuss the odds with your doctor before you jump on to follow paleo, or any other diet plan! Nothing comes easy, particularly, a slimmer body!

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